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How do people typically respond when asked about implementing a flash solution to upgrade their storage environment? With a list of misperceptions regarding flash technology and price point.
In this whitepaper, IDC examines the growing use of flash technology across the enterprise and how the technology is being deployed to improve performance and efficiency.
Flash storage is a huge game-changer for your business. Not just for desktop and portable computing, but also in the cloud. You owe it to yourself to ride this wave. Even if you don’t, your competitors will.
The boom in cloud computing over the past few years has led to a situation that is common to many innovations and new technologies: many have heard of it, but far fewer actually understand what it is and, more importantly, how it can benefit them. This whitepaper will attempt to clarify these issues by offering a comprehensive definition of cloud computing, and the business benefits it can bring.
Today Cloud-based computing is one of the hottest technology trends. This is because, for many applications, it offers major advantages over typical software or solution delivery models. Applications on the cloud are expected to result in a shift from capital expenses to operation expenses bringing about a transformable ability to scale to a global usage with high computation power without worrying about outage to end customers.
The area where Cloud Computing is facing hurdles is privacy and security the basic data or business information which is housed on a Cloud Service providers Server. There has been speculationâs that although there is a cost benefit to outsource the entire IT Infrastructure and focus on oneâs own Core Competencies, but due to number of incidences the reliability to use it has still not come in majority of the IT Sector all over the globe. Wipro has come up with a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) approach for Cloud Computing in order to tackle these issues and provide a unified solution for Cloud Service providers as well as its Customers.
Today every change or transition within the enterprise requires solid business justification and thorough planning.Cloud computing—IT resources and services that are abstracted from the underlying infra-structure and provided on demand and at scale in a multitenant and elastic environment—offers the ability to break down IT silos with their inefficiencies, high costs, and ongoing support and maintenance issues while meeting increasing user demand for cost-effective, innovative service on demand across network, computing, and storage resources
To have a complete understanding of the opportunities and challenges the cloud era poses for resellers, MSPs and the Channel in general, it makes sense to study multiple concurrent forces at play in the IT landscape which are driving change. Moreover, this whitepaper highlights the Channel opportunities in the specific area of cloud based messaging and collaboration. It seeks to answer the key questions of – What is the role of the Channel in the cloud era? Why cloud messaging and collaboration? Why now?
CIOs participating in Sand Hill Group’s study (see Appendix) stated unanimously that the primary driver for moving to the cloud is to meet business needs. More than the dollar savings that cloud computing brings to the table, one of the most important intangible benefit is that the cloud enables companies to do things they conceivably could not do in the pre-cloud era.
Established 111 years ago in the small town of Schiltach in Germany’s Black Forest, Hansgrohe SE has achieved worldwide success. The company sells innovative bathroom and kitchen appliances distributed through multiple channels, includingtraditional wholesale and international projects. In recent years, Hansgrohe SE has seen a sharp uplift in international revenues, fueled by a strong demand from emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe