This presentation deals with Cloud architecture for alpha dogs such as: Who’s listening?  Challenges of irregular load in applications, Monolithic Applications deployed on cloud, The Case for Elastic application architecture, Basic technologies required for creating Elastic (cloud) applications, Some converging trends in cloud computing.  
This Slide show discusses on the topics such as: Private Cloud- Business Drivers, Unique Challenges5 Step Plan- Practical Approaches, and Confidential Considerations for- Automation, Security, Monitoring
This presentation gives a brief description on Building SaaS Applications on Microsoft Azure some of the topics discussed in the presentations are: Software as a Service (SaaS)-Various Dimensions, SaaS-Different Levels, SaaS Characteristics, Combining the power of SaaS and Cloud, SaaS Applications Need for Framework Based Approach, SaaS Framework System Architecture
Applications Suitable for Azure are: • Applications which are well connected to the Internet are goodcandidates for Azure• SaaS applications are ideal candidates to be built on Azure• Seasonal applications are well suited• Geographically distributed enterprises can take advantage of round-theclockservices• Large volume, highly transactional or computation-intensiveapplications can benefit• Small and medium enterprises where return on infrastructure
This Slide show discusses on the topics such as: Cloud Computing-An Innovative Case Study, Cloud Computing - a Disruptive Change,the Impact of Cloud Computing on IT Ecosystem, Paradigm Shift- It is not about TECHNOLOGY & SYNTAX & A Day-in-a-Life for You & Me Tomorrow!