Venkatesh M N
Venkatesh M N
Manager,IBM India
The Journey: Early Days to How I Got Here

I started my career as a Faculty in an Engineering college. Then, I got the opportunity to work in the Industry as a Technical officer with KSFC. Now, I am a Technical Leader with a Service Attitude having extensive customer facing experiences with HP, EMC, Satyam Computers and IBM in domestic, international and multi cultural environments. I am adding value to customers leveraging diverse Technical, Project Management, People and Process skills. Always looking for opportunities to contribute and seeking new challenges helped me a lot to scale up the ladder.

Decisions That Mattered

Firstly, to join KSFC as a Technical Officer, while being on the verge of getting promoted as Assistant Professor. At KSFC, I got opportunity to serve Entrepreneurs and later I was responsible for all new IT initiatives and IT Management involving development, administration & management. Then worked with fortune 100 companies like HP, EMC and IBM where I got a chance to prove myself.

The Turning Points

The Inflection Points in my career was the Management of KSFC (Karnataka State Financial Corporation) provided with me an opportunity to work in IT department. Especially I would like to thank my Managers Sitaram and D S Anand, who were also good leaders for their team.

Work and Role: Then and Now

Earlier, I was implementing available solutions. Now, able to contribute pro-actively to create new features in IBM storage products and creation of new storage cloud solutions.

Two Years down the Line

Want to be in a senior position running a Private/ Public cloud, enabling the people from all sections of society to benefit from the IT services.

What I Learnt Along the Way

Looking from the perspective of the end user related to the service or product to ensure customer satisfaction.

Changing Days: Lessons Learnt

Very much different from the days I started, when it was treated a privilege to have access to a computer. Now, computing has reached everyone at affordable cost. The knowledge base available on internet & connectivity has helped many persons like me to work successfully in different roles.  Only thing constant in life is change and hence we have to be ready to manage Change.

Trends to Watch Out For
  • Watching Cloud Computing Solutions,
  • The Importance of ITIL in Service Management and
  • The Innovations in the Market.
The trends mean that there are lots of opportunities for us to enhance the design and delivery of the IT solutions.

My Advice If You are Starting Out

Treat your work as an opportunity to ensure the success for the receiver of your services.

Must Focus Areas For the Future

Managing data with analytics and managing increasing storage volumes, Community clouds, Service Management and innovations to meet niche requirements in each domain are likely to be most sought after, based on my experience.

Do We Need Certifications?

They help to validate your competency in a given area, for your and others benefit.
They complement your skills and help articulate the subject with standard nomenclature that people in the industry understand.

Books/ Websites I Recommend

There is lots of stuff out there.

One of the books that helped me get started was: "Management Strategies for the Cloud Revolution: How Cloud Computing Is Transforming Business and Why You Cant Afford to Be Left Behind" by Charles Babcock, McGraw-Hill.

You can refer publications from SNIA and websites from industry leaders such as Amazon, VMWARE and IBM to learn from their field experiences.

Last But Not Least

Professional Ethics and attitude, as there is a saying "Aptitude can be taught, while Attitude is cultivated over time".
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