Sumanth Tarigopula
Sumanth Tarigopula
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The Journey: Early Days to How I Got Here

I always aspired to make a mark in the world, to make a difference in the lives of people around me, and I hope that I have achieved it. I am now an integral part of HP. My professional career was set in motion after I graduated from Wayne State University. I worked in other Fortune 500 companies before joining the HP family about 5 years back. I worked in the U.S. for about 18 years and moved to India recently. I believe that I had something new to learn every day. My years in U.S were some of the most influential years of my life.

I was lucky to be mentored by remarkable bosses. Working under their guidance helped lend shape to the man that I am today. Under their direction and mentorship, I learnt to channel my determination to succeed. I was able to drive my passion and aptitude for business into my new found persona as an emerging leader.

Decisions That Mattered

As I mentioned earlier, my professional journey so far has been terrific. I had something new to learn at every organization I worked. These companies had a vision that meant a lot. I have been extremely passionate about my job and role, and I think that contributed to my success.

Two Years Down the Line

I see myself as a successful leader who has created high performance teams, established relationships with people, goal setting, and achieved results and targets.

What I Learnt Along the Way

There are many lessons I have learned. I have a whole list. The most important reason for success is a high level of trust, and trust comes when you have ethical behavior, when you believe that each one will play by the policy and rules. Trust makes organizations more capable and professional, because you are just on the job and not worried about who is doing what. My greatest strength is my belief in my team members. Trust your teams. I trust them immensely and they are my biggest asset.

Trends to Watch Out For

I see the following as some of the specialization areas within the Application Development and Management for cloud.
  • Building private clouds
  • Building and realizing Hybrid clouds
  • Application Development (green - field), Migration (brown - field) and Integration to Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud - both IaaS and PaaS models
  • Moving existing applications to multi - tenant SaaS model
  • Security, Testing and Application Management in Hybrid Cloud model.
My Advice If You are Starting Out

Early to bed early to rise and work hard. People who want to make a mark in this field need to be innovative and technically very sound. They also need to get a marketable idea about this domain and understand the window of opportunity.

Do We Need Certifications?

Cloud computing is seen as one of the disruptive and all encompassing technology trend. Any certification within Enterprise Architecture is a great start. There are numerous technology focused certifications within Java and .Net (Azure) and would be applicable as well.

Books/ Websites I Recommend
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