Gaurav Chhaunker
Gaurav Chhaunker
The Journey : Early Days to How I Got Here

I started my career by joining a local media and marketing company in Cleveland, OH. During Recession, I moved to India and joined as a Senior Software Engineer in Hewlett Packard. Because of my passion towards technology, I have been consistently rated amongst top contributors for 3 consecutive years. As of now, I am a Lead Technical Liaison in IBM.

By building trust by all means, following through and keeping word and taking calculated risks. Following "Sink or Sail together" attitude with Team. Being in sync with tech (adaptive)

Decisions That Mattered

Grabbing what you can, after completing MS (CS) in 2003, joined as a Network Administrator in a local media and marketing company in Cleveland, OH. Then due to recession, moved to India and joined HP as Software Engineer (Storage Mgmt Application Developer) and then later joined IBM as a Lead Technical Liaison for Storage Vendors.

The Turning Points

Switching from HP to IBM is the inflection point in my career, as in HP "was doing things" and at IBM had to "get things done from the vendors". A very solid exposure in terms of understanding others perspective.

Work and Role: Then and Now

Currently, working as Individual contributor in a Storage ISV team (working with Virtualization vendors like VMware) and responsible for writing technical best practices guides/ white papers and now focusing on cloud solutions. Earlier, was consolidating Storage and Network requirements from multiple teams within IBM and getting those implemented by the Storage and Network vendors alike (technical liaison)

Why: As part of diversifying my exposure, got a chance to understand the technical writing side therefore opted for it!

Two Years Down the Line

I want to see myself as a CIO of a company

What I Learnt Along the Way

Having patience and genuinely trying to understand the others perspectives is the major lesson I have learnt in my professional life.

Changing Days: Lessons Learnt

Not really. Core software development still remains the same, of course the technology has evolved and there are much better "collaboration" tools now available, which were absent earlier.

Trends to Watch Out For

One of the major trends is migration to "Cloud" by SME and SMBs. And they mean tremendous opportunities.

My Advice If You are Starting Out

Keep your eyes and ears open and to ground. Also, stay updated regarding the technology changes happening in and around.

Must Focus Areas For the Future

Though Cloud Computing overall will be most sought after; however, I feel the ability to do the homework of whether or not CC is for you is: Adoption, Integration and Transition to Cloud.

Do We Need Certifications?

Certifications establish your credibility in the domain. For management its PMP/ PgMP or for technical side chose ones relevant to your work.

Books/ Websites I Recommend
Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach
Anthony T. Velte, Toby J. Velte and Robert Elsenpeter

Last But Not Least

After few years into industry, first see where you want to be, either technical side or management side. And then accordingly stay updated in terms of the trends in that scrupulous area. Also, if technical side, and then see if you want to be a product architect or be in consulting (services industry) as they are different in terms of roles and expectations.

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