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cloud hosting
When was the cloud hosting concept started?
Asked by Despande Eshani | Sep 14 2018 | Report this Report abuse
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"The concept of the 'cloud' comes from network architecture drawings of modern telephone systems and later the Internet. The early cloud service providers included Amazon Web Services, and Google, which uses it for Gmail and several other applications and services.

"Today, cloud computing typically includes three main offerings (in order):

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Delivers applications and end-user tools, such as ecommerce applications, and other brands like Google Apps and
PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). Provides pre-built technology frameworks and development tools, such as Engine Yard AppCloud or xCloud, Microsoft Azure, and Google App Engine.
IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). Enables computing, storage and network resources to be provisioned without owning physical devices. Example IaaS providers are Amazon Web Services and Terremark."
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The short answer is it will help all of them.

"Ecommerce is an ideal space for cloud computing because of the cyclical nature of the business. Many online shops, web retailers and vendors have large traffic events (holiday season and new product launches) that require additional resources to meet the short-term, increased demand. Cloud computing enables business owners to add computing resources (memory or processors), storage (disk space) or network (bandwidth), but just enough to cover the additional requirements and only for as long as they’ll be needed.

"For example, an electronics e-tailer might see a traffic increase of 2 to 3 times during November and December from holiday shoppers. Cloud computing allows the company to add just enough resources for those 6 to 8 weeks to meet the increased traffic demands. Once the holidays are over, those resources can be turned off. The company’s operating costs will presumably be more in line with revenue."
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