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cloud computing
Hi all,
I`m a B.E student. Cloud is a buzz word now-a-days. what are these clouds? what exactly Cloud Computing is all about?
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To explain about Cloud computing, consider a company where instead of running software, applications on in house servers or storing data locally, are doing it on a third party resources which are being termed as clouds. Clouds are thousands and thousands of computers connected via internet to each other and these computers are shared by companies to host their application and manage data.
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I think it is better to explain you with examples.
One of the best examples of the cloud computing is which had been working on this concept since long. Another recent example is New York Times which has provided fully searchable access to its 1851 to 1922 archive—more than 15 million articles. This has been achieved without hosting any application on its own servers. They are using Amazon’s Cloud Computing service.
Google’s business suite launched in 2007 has 0.5 million clients and it uses the power of cloud computing by offering the companies and individuals business applications hosted over internet.

Now this would give you a fair idea of what is cloud computing and what is achievable with this.

All the best...
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