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Is Cloud Computing Expensive and Are Cloud-Based Apps Hard to Use?
Asked by Rudra pratap | Sep 13 2018 | Report this Report abuse
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Cloud computing providers generally bill their customers on a per-use basis. Sometimes cloud computing is charged as a utility, and other times on a subscription basis, but either way, you pay only for what you actually use. This is in direct contrast to the server model, which requires an upfront expenditure of capital to purchase the hardware, the software, the physical storage, cooling of the servers, and the IT specialists to maintain it all. The pay-as-you-go model of cloud computing makes it ideal for small businesses or start-ups that may not yet know the full extent of their computing needs.
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Not at all. In fact, one of the major advantages of online applications is that they work much like a Web site, with user-friendly interfaces and point-and-click maneuverability. Conventional software can be confusing and difficult for all employees to learn, so it generally requires a lengthier deployment time, extensive training, and ongoing troubleshooting. All this, of course, demands a higher cost, both in capital and in man hours. Cloud-based applications are also extremely customizable. Individual end-users can tweak their interfaces to their preferences, while professional developers are able to access a range of coding tools to customize the application itself.
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