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Cloud Computing Basic Components
What Are The Cloud Computing Basic Components?
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Successful implementation of cloud computing requires proper implementation of certain components. Without any of these components, cloud computing will not be possible. These components can’t be easily implemented by one person alone.
Cloud Computing will require persons with different expertise, experiences and backgrounds. As it will require more people in the industry, it’s no wonder why cloud computing is a very expensive venture. But even with the expenses that the company would often have to spend, the advantages provided by cloud computing is far more than the initial spending.

Some would resort to a cloud computing vendor because of the lack of resources while others have the resources to build their cloud computing applications, platforms and hardware. But either way, components have to be implemented with the expectation of optimal performance.
The Client – The End User

Everything ends with the client. The hardware components, the application and everything else developed for cloud computing will be used in the client. Without the client, nothing will be possible.

The client could come in two forms: the hardware component or the combination of software and hardware components. Although it’s a common conception that cloud computing solely relies on the cloud (internet), there are certain systems that requires pre-installed applications to ensure smooth transition. The hardware on the other hand will be the platform where everything has to be launched.

Optimization is based on two fronts: the local hardware capacity and the software security. Through optimized hardware with security, the application will launch seamlessly.
The Service – the Functions in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing always has a purpose. One of the main reasons cloud computing become popular is due to the adoption of businesses as the easier way to implement business processes. Cloud computing is all about processes and the services launched through cloud computing always has to deal with processes with an expected output.

The optimization on services is based on two things: the proper development of the application and the end user. Sometimes, the service could be used by the user wherein their experience is greatly affected by their gadget.
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