Venkatesh M N

"Scope for Community Clouds in India "

Venkatesh M N
Technical Solutions Manager
IBM India
Venkatesh is a Technical Project Manager at IBM India. Having more than 15 years of experience. He is a Technical Leader with a Service Attitude having extensive customer facing experiences with HP, EMC, Satyam Computers and IBM in domestic, international and multi cultural environments. He is adding value to customers leveraging diverse Technical, Project Management, People and Process skills.

The Indian IT Industry and the consumers of IT are making rapid strides in the adoption of Cloud solutions in the market. The typical move from wholly owned IT by the Enterprises to the cloud is illustrated below:

Indian IT has won the trust of customers world wide with the success of the Strategic Outsourcing model for managing the IT Services. The Technologies are evolving to address concerns related to Information security, Compliance and privacy in the Cloud.

These service providers with years of experience can now explore opportunities for building and providing Industry Specific services on the cloud, for Enterprises customers and the SMB, by setting up Community Cloud Services.

In a Community cloud, the tenants will leverage the highly scalable, flexible and available shared Cloud Infrastructure environment in the Service providers data center. These services are designed to target the fulfillment of similar requirements such as security, privacy and compliance for customers from a specific Industry vertical.

The Cloud Service Provider setting up the Community Cloud to provide Industry Focused solutions shall have the expertise in the following aspects to win the trust of potential customers:
  • Deep Subject Matter Expertise in the Industry vertical & related applications
  • High Availability and Disaster Requirements as applicable to the Industry
  • In depth understanding of Security & Compliance requirements of the industry
  • Proven experience in IT Service Management, while meeting stringent SLAs
  • Designing and Managing Data Center for multiple tenants with Highest Availability, Safety and Security requirements
  • System Integration & development skills
  • Partnership with leading Infrastructure vendors & Software providers
  • Proven Enterprise Architecture skills, to ensure the scalability, automation and flexibility of the community cloud
In this model, the Community Cloud service provider will setup the data centers and acquire all the required Hardware & Software on behalf of hundreds of customers having similar needs.

This model is a WIN-WIN for the customer as well as the Service Provider, as the economics of scale will ensure that the procurement costs are the lowest and the benefit will be passed on to the customer. The customers are freed from the burden of procuring to meet peak loads as they have access to a highly scalable & flexible cloud computing environment.

The community cloud will provide customers the access to the best of breed solutions at affordable prices. The service provider will leverage the best Human Resources, the best technology available and the best practices to implement the community cloud solution.

This enhances opportunities for collaboration & reach, standardization of applications, software, hardware, processes & automation, which will ensure that the Operational costs are significantly reduced.

Both the Enterprise & SMB sector shall also be gainers, as they can now afford the new IT Service capabilities on demand without the bother of investing and managing the IT infrastructure. However, the transition will be gradual, as the customers gain confidence in the model by moving less critical applications initially.

It is expected that the cloud adoption will continue to drive organizations to focus on efficiency; flexibility and agility to support new business models & services, enabling innovators can offer niche products & services quickly to a large customer base and helping business to expand their markets and partners.

Almost all of the core sectors in India can get benefited. Some of them are: Banks in Private and Public sector Banks, Co-operative banks, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical, Health care & Retail sectors, Government departments, Educational Institutions & Research organizations.


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