Elan Emerging Technologies

Elan Emerging Technologies

Started in 2005, Elan emerging technologies was the first company to start development using mobile operating systems. Since then, they have made their presence felt in every other technical sector too. Elan designs custom applications and does custom solutions development for clients. Their strategy focuses on three major areas: Cloud, mobile and web.

The organization employs about 115 to 125 people in India. All their clients are international and 50 percent of their revenue comes from the U.S., 25 percent from Europe and 25 percent from Australia.

Differentiating Factor:

Elan provides a lot to its customers other than competitive costs. What sets them apart from their competitors is the experience that they provide to their customers. Experience here does not pertain to quality or the company’s technical ability alone. The company has a 40 percent repeat client ratio which is an appreciable ratio in today’s market where clients have so many options to choose from.

S P Agarwal

Another thing that sets Elan apart is the capability of working with emerging technologies. Cloud is the buzz word now. Every other company talks about cloud but they are unable to implement the technology in reality.

The company has an R&D team which works extremely well on emerging technologies.  They find innovative ways to tackle problems faced by customers.

Vision and Mission:

Their vision and mission is revised every year. The vision is to keep changing with time. The company likes to adapt to new technologies. Their aim is not to become a big 10,000 people company which serves everything in the world but remain a small group of people who are excellent at their job. They do not simply grow their customer base to increase their revenue; rather they interact with their clients so that they can provide them with the best services.

Roadmap Ahead:

Elan is looking into the local market, but certain infrastructural problems need to be resolved before the local market can be tapped. The availability of network resources, infrastructure and the willingness of people to understand how to use cloud is still missing in India.

S P Agarwal

SP Agarwal is the Managing Director of Elan. He studied Fortran programming in early 1970s which has helped frame the culture of Elan in terms of deep technology roots. Along with the other senior management team who are from Ivy League business schools such as Columbia Business School and Chicago Booth School of Business, Agarwal represent combined experience of over 50 years in Banking, CPG,...

Management Team

Elan Emerging Technologies