GreenQloud was founded in 2010 and offers Truly Green™ cloud computing virtual servers (IaaS) and data storage powered by 100 percent renewable energy. The company's mission is to reduce the IT industry's CO2 output by providing easy-to-use, cost effective, clean cloud computing services.

GreenQloud has been lauded by the industry and media for its sustainability efforts. GreenQloud won the 2012 People's Choice Award from the Nordic Startup Awards and Gartner chose GreenQloud as a 2011 Cool Vendor in Green IT and Sustainability. GreenQloud was also featured as a model cloud service provider by Greenpeace in their “How clean is your data” report. GreenQloud has also won several Icelandic government grants, such as the technology grant from Rannis.

Bala Kamallakharan
Bala Kamallakharan

Key Person

Bala Kamallakharan, CEO

Bala is the CEO of GreenQloud, the world’s first Truly Green™ public compute cloud powered by 100 percent renewable energy. He is also an investor with Auro Investment Partners, served as Chairman of the Board for CLARA, which was acquired by Jive Software in 2013; and founded the Startup Iceland Conference. Bala's previous appointments include Executive Director and Chief of India for Glitnir Bank and a manager for Capgemini in the U.S.

Bala sees his move to Iceland to be the most critical decision in his career that provided the opportunity to influence Iceland as an Entrepreneurial state globally. He sincerely feels that Iceland and many other startup communities throughout the world can provide a better connectivity across the globe.

According to Bala, there are 3 things that any CEO should focus on -

  • Make sure you have enough money in the bank
  • Surround yourself with really smart people
  • Align the team on focused strategic direction

Bala feels motivation is driven by the fact that he aims to create an eco system that helps entrepreneurs and startup communities over the world.

His vision is to serve as a leader in resilience and sustainability and reduce the carbon emissions generated in the IT industry, by building cloud services that are powered on 100 percent renewable energy.

Market landscape

Businesses and individuals looking to reduce the cost of infrastructure by moving to the cloud, those interested in using more cost effective cloud services, and companies and individuals seeking more sustainable cloud solutions.

Product/ Solution offerings

ComputeQloud allows users to create virtual servers on their machine, enabling them to decide how much computing power they require at a given time. Thus, you will only pay for what you need.

StorageQloud is an object storage service in the cloud, which allows you to store anything from an image of your computer to your own harddrive to the cloud. Storing files on the cloud allows you to access your files from anywhere in the world, from any device connected to the Internet, fast and securely.

QloudSync is the newest of GreenQloud’s Truly Green™ cloud computing services to run exclusively on 100 percent renewable energy. QloudSync is a desktop/laptop client that provides the familiar file and folder interface, enabling you to safely and securely store and share your computing data.

Differentiating points

GreenQloud is the world’s first Truly Green™ cloud company, running on 100 percent renewable energy. The energy which powers our servers comes from celand's naturally abundant geothermal and hydropower. The ability to capitalize on clean, cheap energy enables GreenQloud to keep prices low in comparison to competitors. Our ambition is to keep the cost of cloud computing competitive, while making the cloud easier to utilize anywhere.

Examples of clients and how they have benefited from the offerings

One of our biggest customers is SURFmarket, a reseller of Infrastructure and computing services to National Educational and Research Institutes (NRENs) in the Netherlands. By using GreenQloud, SURFmarket enables students and staff in over 190 universities at reasonable fees.

Trends seen in the market landscape and the way of addressing these trends

Three significant areas we address:

  • Reducing the CO2 emissions of the IT industry by providing cloud services powered by 100 percent renewable energy.
  • Make the adoption of cloud services as easy as possible by designing a web console that reduces management, deployment and sync time
  • Be cost effective.


GreenQloud is the only cloud provider to run on 100 percent renewable energy. Our services are designed to be as simple to use as possible.

Growth Plans

We’re beginning the process of order to expand our team to meet market demand and our aggressive product release strategy, increase our sales and marketing efforts and attract the best possible talent.

Go-to-market Plans

We have several go-to-market strategies. First, our reseller program will resell our services in key IT markets and provide value added managed services. We also have added consumer-targeted storage solutions which we promote through event sponsorship and speaking engagements, PR and online web marketing. We are targeting National Research and Education Networks to provide a sales channel directly into the higher education and research markets.

Current Status: No. of Employees,Revenue, Investors

GQ currently has 20 employees Revenues are generated primarily from two sources: dedicated individual, small business customers from around the globe and SURFmarket's University Network in The Netherlands. Investors: The New Venture Fund in Icleand and Kjölur fjárfestingafélag.

Road Ahead

GreenQloud's challenges are focused on business growth and securing the necessary funding to drive our team, services and marketing initiatives. Our road map includes a disciplined focus on strengthening our existing services and increasing revenue for those services while simultaneously reaching new  availability zones in key renewable energy markets.