ESDS Software Solution

Incorporated in August 2005, "ESDS Software Solution" is an IT enabled Service provider with expertise in Datacenter Service, Application Development, Product  Development, Cloud Computing, IT automation solution, ERP implementation, e-Governance, M -Governance, Core Banking implementation on turnkey basis and Technical support for IT lnfrastructure. ESDS has built India's first green Datacenter.

ESDS is a group of hosting companies & Fully Managed Data Centres based in India,United Kingdom and United States of America.The company specializes in  provisioning of  high quality Managed Hosting. Managed Servers, Server Racks & Cages, Co-location and  system security, Cloud Hosting Platfonn, Datacenter Management System etc.

ESDS has received numerous Awards like "IT Enterprises(Special Award) -2009, "Green IT lnftastructure Award- 2010, "Best IT Enabled Services- 2011" by  Government of Maharashtra,  "Industrial Excellence Award for Innovation",  "Best Government to Citizen Initiative of the  Year Award", "Most Promising Banking Technology Solutions & Service Provider in North Maharashtra", " Young IT Professional Award -2012" from Computer Society of India (Western Region) as an endorsement for eNlight Cloud.

Products and Service Offerings


  Services offered
Plain Vanilla Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting
Cloud Computing eNlight Cloud Hosting, DR as a service, Desktop as a service, Cross Platform DR
Technical Support Services Linux, Windows, Database Management, Backup services, Email Hosting
Co-locations Services Managed/Unmanaged colocation
Web Application Development ERP Development, Portal Development
Hardware Sales                    Servers and Storages
Piyush Somani
Piyush Somani

Key value propositions to prospects and Clients

  • Accelerate innovative projects for new revenue
  • Provide an effective and creative service delivery model
  • Create sustainable competitive differentiation
  • Lower IT barriers to launch new business services

Catering to Trends:

Some of the key trends /  concerns are provided below:

  • Scalability and cost saving has become the most important point of consideration in every technology driven organization.
  • Maintaining uptime and SLA's is a challenge in commercial and in­ house Datacenter(s).
  • Companies have no option to reduce the cost on Disaster Recovery Hosting without an  auto-scaling cloud hosting solution.
  • Start-up companies find it difficult to procure and manage servers due to the large upfront investment
  • Large  organizations  with ERP implementation for multi-location business are hit by high cost of management for their ERP hosting setup.
  • eNlight helps organizations to cut down their CAPEX and OPEX cost by minimum 60 percent
  • eNlight allows users to create their virtual Data Center. eNlight also helps adjust the virtual resources in real time automatically.
  • Hosted Disaster Recovery enabled by eNlight eliminates the need of setting up a backup infrastructure, and  provides one that is billed only when in use.
  • eNlight allows any start up SME to launch its  services/products with zero CAPEX and their OPEX increases only when their business flourishes.
  • With eNlight, ERP/SAP is  hosted in  our state-of-the-art Datacenter, saving the space and cost required for a setup in client's premise

Unique position

ESDS has some unique benefits over its competitors:

  • A solution provider, not just a DC floor space rental agency or product company
  • Innovative product portfolio of eNlight Cloud, eMagic Datacenter Management Suite and CreoBill
  • Beat competitors in 90 percent of opportunities pursed
  • Extensive technical expertise and understanding of customer's / prospect's needs
  • eNlight cloud hosting service and eMagic solution are  proprietary solutions that are unique to the industry
  • Only faclitiy that has been recogrised as "Green IT" by Govt of Maharashtra

Organizational Culture, Employee  programs, Innovations

We are dedicated to understanding the needs and  requirements of all our  customer/supplier, partners while maintairing Golden Peanut's business objectives.

  • We continually improve the quality of our services through knowledge of our customer's requirements.
  • We make profits by meeting the needs of  customers using highly efficient business processes and managing our risk.
  • We maximize employee participation through proper communication and training.
  • We value experience and knowledge
  • We manage by honest and objective evaluation of our performance against our goals for profit and  customer supplier satisfaction.


ESDS has a highly comprehensive growth strategy which encompasses the following areas:

  • Tap Existing Customers
  • lnvestment in Cloud infrastructure
  • Trials for Promotion
  • Datacenter in US
  • Continuous Development

Go-to-market Plans / Global Strategy

Our  Go-to -market  strategy revolves around the following points:

  • All the signups we get every month come  either through Referral or Generic listing in Google.
  • Advertising in IT related  magazines / Journals and IT related sections of specific newspapers to improve our brand name.
  • Meet potential Enterprise customers and Government organizations, and brief them about our products and services.
  • Channel Business has been the most successful Business for all the leading Global IT brands in India.
  • Expand our US operations
  • DC setup in Kenya and Qatar to capture the growth opportunities in Africa and middle-east

Current  Status

ESDS  has  310 employees overall. From  revenues perspective, ESDS has grown consistently over the last few years and has major focus on continuing its growth in domestic as well as international business.

As of now, ESDS  doesn't have any third party investments and has sustained its  growth through the revenues generated.

Road Ahead

Some of the challenges that we need to address include:

- Willingness of corporates to adapt Cloud
- Innovate to lead the market
- Optimizing  development costs and time to market
- Perception of Cloud Security
-Vendor consolidation of prospects / clients