Established in 1994 in Gainesville, Florida, Atlantic.Net started as the Internet Connect Company Computers (ICC Computers), and serve customers as an Internet service provider. By 1997, the company had acquired First Coast Internet and Worldwide Internet, launched service in 9 cities, and changed its name to Atlantic.Net. Now, they are market-leading Hosting Solutions Provider; recognized for providing exceptional business hosting service through Cloud Servers, Colocation, Dedicated Servers, and Virtualization Hosting Services.

Marty Puranik
Marty Puranik
President and CEO

Market landscape that the company caters to

Atlantic.Net is dedicated to implementing tailored hosting solutions that enable clients to enjoy the benefits of cost savings. We provide hosting services that help small to enterprise level organizations run their businesses efficiently and cost-effectively. Traditionally; we have focused on industries like healthcare, education, and technology primarily in U.S, but we are now starting to also target growth markets like India and Brazil because of increasing demand.

Product/ Solution offerings

We currently offer private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions. In addition each cloud solution is customized to the specific needs of our clients; because we believe in providing a service that enables organizations to affordably and effectively conduct their business online. With the public cloud and on-demand computing, Atlantic.Net clients only pay for the resources they use, giving their clients more for less.

Differentiating points

Hosting has been our business since 1994. Therefore, we have deep institutional knowledge that comes with doing routing/switching/ hosting for so long. We are not a book seller; we are focused on new technologies. Our cloud platform has an API that offers both JSON/XML, which we wrote from scratch that is tightly integrated with the hardware to give a really great experience. However; the biggest edge we have over our competitors is that, we have a better product that is competitively priced.

Currently we are offering on-demand pricing, which does not require contracts, commitments, or upfront fees. Also, our servers can be provisioned in seconds unlike many other cloud servers that take much longer to provision.

Examples of your clients and how they have benefited from your offerings

Because we provide an array of hosting services; that enable our clients to choose the best customized hosting solution for them, we have a good mix of small, medium, and enterprise level clients including a few Fortune 500-type clients. We do not offer one size fits all! Instead, we go the extra mile to make sure our clients are satisfied with our services.

Trends seen in the market landscape and how the offerings are geared towards addressing those trends

In the future, it’s all going to be about on-demand service and making business more efficient. With deflation setting in, the cost of capital is going down, as well as the cost of overall business (at least in U.S.). Atlantic.Net is focused on providing exceptional value to our customers so that they can run their business more effectively, not just for one month, but every month. Each day, we take a look at ways to simplify our business proposition and add more features continuing to provide the best services so far.

Competition and Positioning of the company amidst competition

There is always competition and it is always healthy to have it. Our company is competitive and we like to be challenged. There are more hosting companies today than there were 10 years ago; but we are positioned very strongly with our un-matched skill set, our unique cloud platform that we built from the ground up, and our great cost advantage from capital, technology, and intellect. Again, we are focused on providing value and doing everything we can to serve our clients and make them happy!

Organizational Culture, Employee programs, Innovations

We thrive on innovation and our company has evolved in the last two decades from being an ISP, to a focused hosting provider. Along the way, we adapted and morphed our business into what the market demands because we want to sell what our customers want to buy, not what we want to sell them. There is always innovation at the forefront of our company.Our hope is that even if it’s for a split second, we have strived to do our best.!

Growth Plans

We are growing fast and continue to grow faster in countries outside the U.S. In the near future, we would like to open a R&D facility in India and expand our business here, because we see India as a key growth market. We definitely have plans to expand and offer multi-country/multi-region support. However, we want to do it right and make sure we can offer a great customer experience. We expect that this will happen soon, but our priority is keeping our customers happy doing it right.

Go-to-market Plans/ Global Strategy

At Atlantic.Net, we believe in providing quality service and referrals, which have always been our main source of business growth. We want to grow our customer base in Brazil and India, as fast as possible and capitalize on the customer base to further grow our business in these markets.

Current Status: No. of Employees,Revenue, Investors, Investment opportunity

We are a privately held company that has been in business since 1994. We are self-funded and have little to no debt. With our latest cloud computing service, we are on the fast track for massive growth.

Road Ahead:

Acquiring good talent is always something we aggressively make strides towards. Atlantic.Net has always maintained this focus and we want to continue to bring in top talent, that will help us continue to grow and fuel our growth. After all, our technological savvy and strategic team is the foundation of our reputation and the reason we have been profitable since 1994.