Appnomic Systems

Appnomic Systems is a leading provider of preventive IT performance management and automation solutions that leverage patent pending Application Behavior Learning technologies.  Appnomic solutions simplify the complexities of managing information technology (IT), in particular, today's complex data center and application environments. The company enables customers to prevent major "IT accidents" as well as drive top line growth with enhanced application performance, improve mean-time-to- repair when incidents do occur, and increase IT staff productivity.

Padmanabhan D
Padmanabhan D

Market Landscape

Customers include large and mid-size enterprises as well as successful Internet based companies that rely on complex IT applications and infrastructure.  Enterprise clients are generally in the range of $500 million to $5+ billion in sales and Internet clients usually have at least 25 technical staff with reasonably mature web operations.

Product/ Solution Offerings

Appnomic’s overall value proposition is that we eliminate major application performance issues – whether availability of key software applications or slowness that inhibits end user experience – by preventing those issues from occurring in the first place.  We enable our clients to be more proactive, “strikers” pursuing ways to leverage technology to enhance business performance.

AppsOne- AppsOne is a preventive performance analytics solution that leverages automated, advanced, preventive analytics to fuel an organization’s revenue growth and eliminate costly IT expenses due to application stack performance issues. Appnomic’s approach makes it possible for IT operations professionals to leverage the concept of Mean Time to Prevent (MTTP) to get in front of operations problems instead of traditional approaches to accelerate Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) after an incident or outage has already occurred.

OpsOne- OpsOne is a pioneering IT Process Automation (ITPA) platform that enables practical, cost effective automation to improve productivity of various IT enabled processes and data center process for enterprise IT, Cloud, and hybrid operations.   OpsOne   enables   fast, low   cost,   and   low-risk   adoption of IT automation with a modular deployment model, an available SaaS implementation model, and pay-as- you-consume pricing.

Rims+-RIMS+ delivers a next generation  “RIMS  2.0”  suite of remote infrastructure managed services  enhanced  with Appnomic’s IT  process  automation    (ITPA), IT operations analytics (ITOA), application performance management, and automated fault/performance remediation software technologies.

Differentiating Factors

Application  Behavior  Learning Technology  -  Appnomic’s  approach to  Application Performance Management  (APM) is leveraging a  patent  pending  technology  called Application  Behavior  Learning. Appnomic  is  applying   what  is called  “Big  Data”  analytics  to  the enterprise  IT  operation. It  is  this advanced  analytical  capability  that enables  Appnomic to  uniquely identify and manage complex issues before   they   adversely   affect   our clients. We  call  our  approach  to technology  management,  Preventive IT Performance Management. Monitoring + Analytics + Automation

SaaS Model – As Cloud computing continues to roll through various sectors of the high tech industry, Appnomic is leading the way by making our automation platform, OpsOne, as well as our IT Operations Analytics platform available to buyers as web based service.

Client Benefits

Appnomic clients include large enterprises like Cypress Semiconductor, online companies like and various banks around the globe.

Trends in the Market  Landscape

There are many ways Appnomic technologies are being brought to address major industry trends.

Big Data Analysis – As IT environments become  more  and more complex and larger and larger, it is becoming near impossible for a human to make sense of all the data that systems generate to provide warnings of systems health. By applying analytics to this function in the enterprise operation, Appnomic is enabling IT operations professionals around the globe to continue their innovation and scaling the growth of their companies.

Cloud computing – While many companies enjoy buying Cloud computing resources by the hour (think Amazon web services for one cpu hour at ten cents), many are not turning down those services when they are not needed.  Appnomic solutions are enabling this type of scaling and flexing up AND down.

Unique Position

The Application Performance Management software segment is about 15 years old and over $2 billion in annual sales according to Gartner Research. The sector has seen a resurgence of innovation in recent years as Cloud computing becomes more mature and requires more monitoring and management tools. There are over 70 companies in this market and it is hotly contested.

Growth Plans

We plan to be a significant company in the field of IT and data center software and management.  The company has risen over $12 million dollars from a top tier venture capital firm, Norwest Venture Partners.

Go-to-market Plans/ Global Strategy

The company expanded throughout India as well as into the Middle East and then the North America.  Today, the company has major offices in Bangalore,  Mumbai,  Dubai,  and Santa Clara, California.  To serve markets in Europe and South America, the  company  works  with  partners like Mahindra Satyam, Dasher Technologies and others.

Current Status

Revenue: Around 30 Crores

Investors:  Norwest Venture Partners Investment Opportunity:

The Company is not currently looking for additional investors; however additional rounds  of  investment capital may be required in the future.

Road Ahead

Finding  and  developing  top  talent is among our challenges.  We have implemented unique recruiting techniques as part of this process. Another challenge is retaining our value of FOCUS.