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Nandakumar Ramakrishnan

Nandakumar Ramakrishnan

Member of technical staff
The Journey : Early Days to How I Got Here
I scaled up my ladder by starting my career as a Developer in Basic Java Then, spent ample amount of time in the fields of Testing & Architectural Solutions Development as a Technical Lead to the current position. When it comes to my Academia, I completed my Bachelors in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Masters in Information Technology and a Doctorate in Information technology.

In the present day, I am completely involved in Technical Solutions Architecture in all the three areas of my interest:
• Testing
• Security &
• Cloud Computing

I usually follow 3 main principles:
  1. Up-to the mark on Technology and Hands-on, if required.
  2. Clear set of goals to achieve target and track them to success.
  3. Following a process discipline on every step.
Decisions That Mattered
There are 3 important decisions I made during my career.
  1. To take up my Doctorate study immediately after my masters.
  2. To migrate myself from Electric/Electronic domain to IT.
  3. To be close to the roots of technology always.
The Turning Points
For few months I was in PLC control and Automation. Switching back to Software engineering professional line was my greatest Turning point.
Work and Role: Then and Now
Currently, I am also managing security & penetration testing. I like the world of software security.
Two Years Down the Line
I aim myself to be Group Head of Engineering Systems in time.

What I Learnt Along the Way
There are 3 important lessons I have learnt in my professional life.
  1. Update yourself with latest Trends and Technology.
  2. Always find ways to institutionalize personal excellence of teams so that we have a sustainable model.
  3. Knowledge is power, you can learn anywhere from any one.
Changing Days: Lessons Learnt
There is a huge change in technology world in both E-commerce & M-commerce. Very simple words in those days, we use to have small bunch of users for fixing hardware, where the system was designed. Now the system is designed for large user base across the spectrum and globe and for variable hardware starting from web world to Mobile/ipad World.
Trends to Watch Out For
As the days are changing even technologies trends in Cloud are also changing and going high and are very important too. These trends will help us in effective decision making while designing and during risk assessment.
My Advice If You are Starting Out
My advice is that better to understand the basic design & fundamentals and learn the latest trends such that you can understand the domain in depth.
Must Focus Areas For the Future
Cloud Security and its tangibles with compliance and governance is very important area where everyone needs to concentrate. Even though using cloud might be easy, securely controlling it is a very challenging task. Other area, where Cloud is rapidly growing is on Mobile computing.

To quote few more: Cloud Service Management, Hybrid Cloud Computing and Cloud Backup Deployment.
Do We Need Certifications?
Certifications are important in that they help to build your credibility. But knowledge always counts.

Knowledge is like a garden: if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.
Books/ Websites I Recommend
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