Kalaiselvan P

Kalaiselvan P

Head – Cloud Engineering and Enterprise Architecture
The Journey : Early Days to How I Got Here
For me, its been a constant endeavor to explore new possibilities and go after it with a proper plan. I always tried to work on my positives, and make sure I align myself with what comes naturally that I could further specialize. I think, this helped me in seeing the new opportunities and take up new challenges.
Decisions That Mattered
My decisions are always very simple but focused in terms of "what I want to achieve". There was a time, when things didn't work for me and so Ive to look at what is in front of me, and see what I could do with that. Ive been very clear that I do what I would like to do, and so I enjoy what I do, and in the process I realized the best comes out of me.
The Turning Points
There has been times, when I felt I could have done things better if I had been on a different track. Be it a technology track or just a career track of option that I may find it more exhilarating. I was muddled. But, once I realized that what I wanted to do and made a point to stick with it, until I see the success in the field which I was looking for. This is my careers inflection point.
Work and Role: Then and now
Ive always tried to be a developer to keep myself close to the technology and see it myself how I can leverage it before I recommend to anyone else. On top of this, its the tile that has changed over a period of time, but in terms of what Ive been able to offer has always remain focused. Driving the initiatives is always my strength and Ive been able to setup and establish the idea to larger scale in the past.

So, in my current job, as a head- enterprise cloud computing, in responsible for setting up and building the cloud capabilities within my Mindteck and so our customers could leverage for their future technology adoption. We help our customers realize the benefits of cloud and work closely with them to identify and build a road map to leverage cloud based opportunities right from private cloud to public cloud. We are recognized by Amazon as a solution integrator and we offer services mainly on Amazon backed cloud solutions to our customers.

Ive held multiple leadership positions in the past a practice lead in building IT services and also have extensive experience working in a product development in the past, but in a different environment and different business altogether.

Two Years Down the Line
I would still stick around talking more about the new technology innovations that may help our customers. Its my ability to continually keep pace with the technology growth and be the early adopter to see the real business benefits. So, I foresee I would become connoisseur in Cloud, Mobile and Analytics space which I strongly will to drive the growth for coming years.
What I Learnt Along the Way
There are quite a lot of lessons - Willingness to fail is the key.
Success is the ultimate goal, but without failure you cant achieve. So learn to accept failures, and build it for success.
Changing Days: Lessons Learnt
There has been a dramatic change in terms of the field of business that we deal today in comparison to what we were doing earlier. The technology innovations always fueled this growth and even the customers were quick to adopt the technology that helped them to solve their problems. Could you ever imagine that you could build your data centre virtually with such a minimal investment 10 years back? If anyone had thought of this, would have certainly laughed at him/ her. Ive been lucky enough to see the initial days of the programming (with HTML, Javascript, and VB etc) and the solutions which we built on cloud and mobile today. The key message is change is good for the industry.

Its all about how quickly you could endorse the new changes for your own benefits.
Do We Need Certifications?
Certifications are good - these are the tool that helps you to assess how much we really understand more than we talk. So you could find many certifications in this spectrum again which you could perhaps attempt it like:
  • VMWare certifications on virtualization,
  • IBM certification on Cloud Architecture and
  • CA certifications on Cloud Enablement would be a right choice for one to pursue.
Books/ Websites I Recommend
  1. AWS site has very good materials, white paper and documentation that easily takes you through the best practices in cloud domain.
  2. Microsoft MSDN site has a good book written on migrating applications to cloud.
I personally recommend the books below:
  1. Cloud Computing Software Services Theory and Techniques Syed A Shah (1439803153)
  2. Wiley-Cloud Computing Principles and Paradigms 2011
  3. Cloud Security A Comprehensive Guide to Secure Cloud Computing 0470589876
  4. Enterprise Cloud Computing Technology Architecture Applications (052176095X)
Last But Not Least
We need more innovators and innovation happening across our country and Cloud as a technology definitely helps you a lot. I would urge each one of you to start experiment it.
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