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CSS Labs
The Journey : Early Days to How I Got Here
My infatuation, passion and fascination towards technology is what really helped me to scale up the ladder. I started my carrier as an entrepreneur building various products, tools & platforms for different vertical in the mobility and online advertising space. When Cloud Computing was introduced to me, I felt the freedom of innovation. This is mainly due to the scarcity of resources during my entrepreneurship. I fell in love with the technology and started building various platforms, framework & tools required for Cloud. In fact our R&D labs at CSS Corp pioneered in technologies that are helping us today to differentiate in the market place.
Decisions That Mattered
As I mentioned, my passion is what drove me all the time. When I took very important decisions like leaving my entrepreneurship is purely because of my personal reasons. In fact, what I learned in my experience is, a quick decision making and a positive Instinct wins most of the time. If you can listen to your instinct, you will definitely win. Having said this, building a R&D center in a services company is definitely a challenging role and I feel it comes with lots of risk factors. But, that is where I figured out my space and running the applied R&D successfully at CSS Corp for more than five years.
The Turning Points
I would say leaving my own company and started working for someone else is what the biggest positive inflection point in my life. Learnt various things like corporate culture, marketing an idea, building a case etc. and all are essential for one to succeed in this IT world.
Work and Role: Then and now
My role is to enable my team to bring innovative technology to differentiate CSS Corp in the market space. I would say I was doing the same thing in a very small scale for particular product/ services at Hewitt and in CSS Corp; it comes with more responsibilities & accountability as well.
Two Years Down the Line
I would any day want to build a true 100% profitable R&D center in India which can embrace real innovation in every possible industry. I will drive myself towards that.

Changing Days: Lessons Learnt
I have been growing and it means carrying lot of baggage. Always, try to unlearn and learn to keep myself young. I would say the industry is maturing a lot and every decade the technology advancement is disruptive. You should be able to accept the change otherwise, people would overlook you.
Trends to Watch Out For
I have been researching in the Cloud, Mobility & Social Networking space.

Some of the trends that I see in the respective areas are:

Cloud Computing - Standards, Cloud Security, Types of Cloud like GovCloud, Community Cloud is mesmerizing.

Mobility - App development framework like Phonegap, NFC & QR Code related technologies.

Social Networking - Usage of Social Networking in Support, Social Network Analytics.

These are some of the key technologies that are going to play a crucial role in the near future.
My Advice If You are Starting Out
I would say to understand the basic of computer science is a must for anyone to excel in their career. For the experienced ones, unlearning & learning is important along with an interest to learn new things. Having said this, I would urge every one of you to learn by experience rather than waiting for someone to teach you.
Must Focus Areas For the Future
Choosing one or more Cloud Provider and understanding profoundly about their offering is essential. I would strongly recommend sticking on to your own sphere like System Administration, Development, Security, Testing etc. but, be aware of Cloud Computing with respect to your domains. Private & Hybrid Cloud implantation would be a massive hit in the near future. Prepare yourself well for that. For developers, understanding the Cloud building blocks is a must.
Do We Need Certifications?
Honestly, I have not done any certifications in my life. But, I would recommend certifications specific to niche domains such as Network, Security, Carrier Devices etc. would be a great value addition to your profile.
Books/ Websites I Recommend
Last But Not Least
We need more innovators and innovation happening across our country and Cloud as a technology definitely helps you a lot. I would urge each one of you to start experiment it.
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